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As original music gets more difficult to peg with the usual genre signifiers, the challenge to accurately describe what one is hearing gets a bit dicey. Blackfox, an Atlanta band comprised of veterans of the community, pretty much defies any specific labels, while touching on so many in unique ways. Singer/guitarist Stacey Cargal honed his chops in Myssouri and Viva La Diva, drummer Mitchell Sosebee was in seminal Atlanta punk band Lipstick Stains and more recently has twanged it up with Lindsay Rakers, and bassist Ryan Taylor shared the stage with Pineal Ventana and weaklazyliar. Together, the trio (along with some guest instrumentalists) bring their vast local music history to the mix, and the product is quite a compound. Ranging from hard rocking, almost punk bombast, gentle acoustic driven ballads, and psych-ambient rambles, the newly released, limited edition, self-titled vinyl LP (Somerset Sound) delivers an intriguing collection of tunes, each one daring, challenging, and played with the confidence that is developed from years in the trenches. At times as sinister as black metal, but then shifting to more melodic and palatable tone, Blackfox maintains an edge that keeps the listener on edge, while providing an entertaining and satisfying experience. - Creative Loafing

Recorded live at Smith's Olde Bar in the Atlanta Room.

Combining elements of noise rock, alt-country, battered gospel, blues and post-punk, BLACKFOX puts expression before genre concerns, while still attempting to forge a coherent sound. "[T]he vibe is black and ominous and the spacing between the rumbling fuzz guitars and the echoing vocals is practically perfect. There are hints of early Soundgarden, Bowie and Sonic Youth spilling out all over the place, but the group never buckles beneath the weight of so much hero worship." - Latest Disgrace.

Music from the Somerset Sound Universe

Analog slack-key space gospel.
Experimental beats and noises. "The title track and its far-ranging tweaks, blips and blurs are ablaze with scorched clip-hop / pitter-patter and skewed funk making it worth the price of admission alone. Tay0 maneuvers into more head-nodding fodder this time around as he continues to explore new(er) sonic plateaus." - Igloo Magazine

Rat Mass EP1

"EP1 is a compelling wallop of torrential percussion, inexorable bass annihilation, jabs of electric guitar and pervasive electrical sonic accents, all improvised live in the studio. At times it borders on metal, but most metal bands I’ve heard can’t muster this sort of prolonged intensity." - Stomp and Stammer